Jason Bangos was the attorney for my divorce not once, but twice. The first time resulted in reconciliation. The second time was the most trying time of my life. This is no bragging matter, but when multiple judges from varying divisions say this was the most contentious divorce they have ever seen, that speaks volumes. We were dealing with a person that was predictably unpredictable and lacked any ounce of logic and reasoning. Jason helped me immensely to handle the situation with grace and dignity. He was my sounding board, but also my voice of reason. Jason stood in my corner and fought for what I wanted and always honored my wishes. But at the same time, when my wishes were outlandish or overly ambitious, he gave me perspective and weighed the pros and cons of every scenario in the playbook. He also maintained a positive rapport with opposing counsel, so that working with the other side was as amicable as possible. I have moved on from this divorce with not only a great attorney, but also a trusted friend.


I hired Jason Bangos to represent me in civil litigation for a lawsuit that I was the co-defendant in with another big-name, deep pocketed company. The plaintiffs were trying to cash-in on an incident which resulted in no damages. Mr. Bangos has done an amazing job in sheltering me from the flying bullets of this litigation. He has positive relations with both the plaintiff and co-defendants counsel and I have merely been following protocol with discovery and depositions. The case continues as these matters can take years to resolve, and Mr. Bangos has been making this as smooth of a process as possible.


My home loan was taken over by Bank of America after Countrywide Loans went out of business. This was a home I no longer wanted to keep, and after 6 years of trying to handle it on my own and getting nowhere with Bank of America, I reached out to Jason Bangos to assist with the foreclosure proceedings. He helped me compile all the documentation needed and corresponded with BoA’s attorneys. When it was time for mediation, BoA waived all deficiencies of the loan. Jason and I looked at each other in disbelief, as did the mediators! We did it! I am eternally grateful and impressed with Mr. Bangos’s skillset. He is a class above the rest!


As a victim of domestic violence, I trust Jason Bangos with my life. Over the last 6 years I have filed and been granted 4 domestic violence injunctions against the same person with the help of Jason. Every time the injunctions were violated, he was there to assist me with the hearings, and work with the State Attorney’s office to make sure my voice was heard. As Jason walks the corridors of the Criminal Court Complex, he is fondly greeted by all his fellow attorneys and officers. To me that shows the tremendous respect and likeability his peers have for him. Also having seen him interact with different judges, Jason carries himself with composure and is well spoken. He is recognized as a man with strong ethics and integrity. If you are caught in a bind, please call Jason Bangos. He cares about his clients and does his best to help every single one.


I was in some hot water a few years ago and asked for Jason Bangos’s help. He knows the law and how felonies are handled. He helped me achieve the best possible outcome by getting multiple charges consolidated into one, and early termination of probation. Thank you Jason.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jason for going above and beyond for me and my case. As a Canadian visiting Florida Jason took the time to fully understand my situation and case, he helped me weigh the pros and cons of each option presented. My case was very difficult with many issues because I do not live in the USA, Jason made sure to answer all my questions and always got back to me very quickly. I cannot thank him enough for helping me through this very stressful time and getting a positive outcome for me and my case. I appreciate everything Jason has done for me, everything I've requested Jason made happen and for that I am forever grateful. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in the court of law and the USA justice system and takes passion for his clients. I would like to personally recommend Jason to anyone in need of a great lawyer who will get the job done.

-David B.