Criminal Defense

White Collar Felony

Defendant worked as an employee of a business and was charged with embezzlement from his employer.

Avoided conviction with probation and payment of restitution to victim.

Felony Battery

Defendant was involved in an altercation and threw one punch but the victim landed awkwardly and suffered trauma.

Avoided incarceration with completion of conditions and payment of restitution to victim.

Felony Grand Theft

Defendant was charged with grand theft as a result of discrepancies between expenses provided for his father. 

Case dismissed and a nolle prosequior was filed.

Felony Violation of Probation

Defendant was on felony probation for DUI and DWLSR and was arrested on new felony charges.

Violation of probation dismissed and new charges had no felony information filed as a result.


Defendant was arrested initially on charges of first-degree murder of her husband and was facing a real potential of the death penalty.

Death penalty not pursued after discussing with the prosecution.

Violent Felony

Defendant arrested for armed robbery after serving as a getaway driver of a convenience store robbery.

Defendant avoided conviction and had charges reduced to a third-degree felony with short jail sentence.

Felony Drug Offense

Defendant was arrested after a traffic stop and discovery of a felony amount of marijuana in the vehicle.

Avoided conviction and charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor.

Felony Trafficking

Defendant was arrested in multiple counties for trafficking in methamphetamine.

Hung jury reached on one case and other case resulted in dismissal of trafficking charge and a filing of Nolle Prosequior due to lack of evidence.

Misdemeanor Drug Offense

 Defendant arrested for possession of marijuana, and had several prior arrests for possession of marijuana.

Avoided conviction and received a fine without probation.

Misdemeanor DUI

Defendant arrested after being involved by slightly  tapping the vehicle ahead of him at a gas pump and being arrested for DUI.

Charges reduced to reckless driving and probation in order to complete the conditions associated with DUI.

Misdemeanor Domestic Battery

Defendant arrested for physical confrontation with significant other.

Charges not filed and complete anger management or other classes.

Misdemeanor Petit Theft

Defendant was arrested after multiple charges of petit theft from the same retailer in a commercial mall.

Avoided conviction and defendant needs to comply with conditions of probation.

Misdemeanor Violation of Probation

Defendant arrested on new charges of possession of marijuana while being on probation for possession of marijuana.

Avoided conviction and incarceration but had to complete new term of probation and conditions involving treatment.

Family Law

Complex Family Law Litigation, Including Divorce with Multiple Children

Mother was going through dissolution of marriage involving minor children and had been ordered to comply with drug testing requirements.

Parenting plan and equitable distribution reached with path to reach fifty-fifty (50/50) time-sharing split after complying with drug testing order of court.

Simple Dissolution of Marriage

Wife was divorcing after long-term marriage and deeded former marital home to the husband.

Dissolution of marriage granted and husband retains former marital home and waiver of alimony by both spouses.

Child Support & Paternity

Father was involved in litigation with Department of Revenue and had existing child support order. 

Father and mother reached an agreement as to ongoing support and payment of arrearages.

Contempt of Court & Enforcement of Final Judgement

Father was exercising his summer visitation with minor child out of her home state and did not return the minor child to the mother at the end of summer.

Mother was given a new parenting plan and received payment of child support based on the contempt by the father.

Other Areas

Traffic Citation

Defendant was stopped and cited for careless driving.

Avoided conviction and points on the driver’s license, and received a dismissal of charges without the presence of the officer or other eye witnesses.

Small Claims

Defendant was sued by his neighbor regarding payment for a fence that was put up by the Plaintiff.

Defendant was found to be not liable for payment of any portion of the fence and plaintiff received nothing.

Simple Will

Testator came into the office needing a will and powers of attorney.

Will was prepared, signed and executed and testator had powers of attorney prepared to preserve his wishes if he died or became incapacitated.

Powers of Attorney

Aunt came into office to get powers of attorney drafted for her niece and nephew because she was taking them on a trip out of state .

Powers of attorney were prepared, signed, and executed and aunt was able to take her niece and nephew with her peace of mind in knowing she could legally care for them on the trip and had provided reassurance.

Eviction & Ejectment

Plaintiff had allowed his former girlfriend to move into his home. Once they split as a couple, she refused to leave the premises.

Plaintiff was victorious and was entitled to have the defendant move out of his house. It was ruled that she had no reason to expect any ownership of the property because she was not a legal owner of the property. 

Commercial Litigation

Defendant was sued along with others as a result of a repossession that had gone bad.

Case resolved with a settlement and case against the defendant and other defendants were dismissed as a result.