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The Bangos Law Firm handles many kinds of legal representation, with a primary concentration on criminal defense and family law representation.  Our law firm also handles some corporate matters as well as civil litigation, and has two attorneys within our network devoted to an expanding personal injury practice. For those with problems in other areas of practice not covered by our legal staff, we access our extensive referral network from over a decade of practice to address all pertinent issues and concerns through other qualified attorneys. Our goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction, and we are constantly striving to improve our service to our clients through accessibility through technology and communications.

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Our Mission

The Bangos Law Firm was founded in March, 2003 with a commitment to building a successful foundation for the future. The firm is committed to family values and a culture where decisions are made based on helping out our clients throughout the representation. J. Jason Bangos brings his networking and business experience to the forefront and seeks to utilize these resources to further benefit clients of the firm. Larry Hoffman is of Counsel to the Bangos Law Firm and his thirty plus years of experience round out the political savvy of Mr. Bangos. With the extensive Trial experience of Mr. Hoffman on board for representation, no criminal case is too big or too small for our team to handle.  Besides Mr. Bangos and Mr. Hoffman, there are numerous other attorneys within the network to address the other areas of legal practice.  John Della Costa and David Neville are located in Pinellas Park and have extensive experience with personal injury matters for clients with injury cases.  Min Ho So is located in Orlando in Central Florida and he handles criminal defense as well, plus civil and commercial litigation, plus a significant amount of immigration cases.  Also dealing with criminal defense and immigration issues is Troy Moslemi, who practices out of his office in Miami and in New York City.  In the other areas of the state, Mr. Bangos has local counsel who are available as a resource to assist in securing representation for clients in different parts of the state of Florida.

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